GH day 98 – aka ‘Reflections from a Dentist’s Chair Day’

imagesCA85FV6UThis morning while I was at the dentist getting my tooth fixed, she asked me about my upcoming trip (no she is not psychic, although a psychic dentist might be a fun character to write). When I had called to attempt to schedule an appointment I had asked to be fitted in ASAP since I would be going out-of-town soon and did not want a tooth crisis while in Atlanta. And when I told her I was going to a writer’s conference where best-selling writers rubbed elbows with the rest of us and taught us about craft and the business she was impressed. She also told me that she had started to write a book as well and it was fiction (not a dental manual like I first assumed, bad person that I am).

I think there is something magical about the idea of writing. When I tell people that I write, many (not all) declare that they have always wanted to write a book. And I smile and tell them that if they have the fire to do it then go for it. Most people never put a pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to write their ‘Great American Novel’. And of those who do start a book, many do not finish. So why am I telling you this? Because as I prepare for the upcoming convention and my nerves start to jangle, I remind myself that I have accomplished something pretty AWESOME. Something that many people, who have the best intentions, never complete.

In other words I am giving myself a pep talk and you are along for the ride. I have professed in previous blogs the evil that is self-doubt and so I pat myself on the back (figuratively) and tell myself that I have finished several books and am going to have a BLAST at the conference celebrating my Golden Heart ® final whether I win or not. I have already gained a host of new contacts and I hope also new friends from the finalists who are a wonderful and diverse group of women.

So as I run full steam ahead over the next two weeks before leaving for Georgia, I stop to take a deep breath and remind myself that I am a winner any way you slice it. (okay, pep talk is now done).


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