GH day 97 redo – aka ‘Today is a Filler Day’

I know, I know, I keep writing these obscure titles and you wonder what the heck I am going to talk about. But that is part of the fun (at least for me, anyway). So what do I mean about today being a filler day? I’m glad you asked. In the past I have explained about hooks which keep the reader’s attention and make them turn the page. You will often see hooks at the beginning or end of chapters so that the reader just has to keep going….

But filler is important too. Filler scenes lay the groundwork and move the story forward but are not a climactic scene or what I like to call a ‘big wow’ scene. I think of it as yin and yang. Balance. You can’t have a ‘big wow’ scene one right after the other or they lose their punch.

Today I am working on some scenes that develop the characters and set the plot up for a big scene that is coming up shortly. At this point the reader is exposed to the growing attraction between the hero and heroine which will become all the more important when the big reveal happens. And it will affect their relationship going forward. Ultimately, all scenes have meaning and should advance the plot and characterization.

Look at it this way…if we know nothing about the characters do we care if they win the battle against the big bad ugly or end up together in the end?


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