GH day 96 redo – aka ‘Finding a Date for Nationals Day’

I have already regaled you with the fact that at the national conference award ceremony I will be sitting up in the ‘VIP’ section. That statement makes me laugh every time I type it. It is a laugh that is a combination of both disbelief and giddiness. As part of this, I am also given a ticket for a guest as well.

Today I emailed a friend as well as a chaptermate (a member of my local writing chapter) to ask her if she would like to be my date. She replied with an enthusiastic ‘yes’ but proceeded to tell me that I might not want her as my guest since she ‘doesn’t do sophisticated well’. I laughed out loud at that one! I quickly informed her that I will probably be a blithering idiot at the awards ceremony so she need to worry about embarrassing me.

What is interesting about this is that we worry about the persona we show the world, don’t we? We may act different with friends, vs parents, vs coworkers, vs strangers, or readers/fans (wishful thinking on the last one).

In fiction our characters also have a persona they show the world, but if the character is written well, the reader peels back the layers to the actual emotions, fears and dreams of the hero or heroine which gives us interesting and dynamic characters.

As we show ourselves to the world as complex beings, so do our characters. And as they grow and change, we as readers grow love them as well..




2 thoughts on “GH day 96 redo – aka ‘Finding a Date for Nationals Day’

    1. curiousity has gotten the better of you, huh? well to protect the innocent I will not reveal names, but if I also tell you that she warned me she will be carrying her camera does THAT help narrow down the field?????

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