Addendum to GH 93 & 94 – Technological Blunders!

Hello my followers. I am writing an addendum post to help explain yesterday’s snafu. For those of you who get emails when I have new blogs post, yesterday you received two. No, I am not crazy enough to attempt two blogs a day since my sanity can barely handle one!

Yesterday, I was so proud of myself for completing not only my dress blog (GH 93) but  also being proactive and preparing my blog that was supposed to post today (GH 94). Unfortunately, since I am NEVER proactive when it comes to my blogs, I didn’t pay attention when I posted my blog last night and proceeded to post day 94. Then I panicked and posted day 93 after that. Ughhhhhh.

So now my blog page has day 94 posted before day 93 and even though my OCD is kicking in big time, I am not going to change it. Live and let live. And you may have been excited to receive two blogs – maybe you saw it as a bonus? or maybe you wondered if I will ever shut up? (don’t tell me if you think the latter).

The irony of me screwing up the posts is that blog 94 was about Blogs! And I was attempting to promote myself for my visit on the Firebirds blog tomorrow. Oh, why do I complicate matters so?

So today is my mea culpa post for my screw up yesterday. I am not counting this as an ‘official blog’ so tomorrow we will be back to GH day 95. And the beat goes on…






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