GH day 94 redo – aka ‘Time for Another Blog Visit Day’

Sorry guys! This blog was not supposed to post until Thursday, June 27th. So you are getting two blogs for the price of one today!

Tomorrow (Friday, June 28th) I will be spending time on the Firebirds Blog. The firebirds are 2012 Golden Heart Finalists who have created a successful website. The fun part of these types of blogs is that I will have a running dialogue with the guests throughout the day. I would love it for you to come visit me on the blog.

My subject is ‘Learning how to Reboot’ and I will leave it at that. If I tell you too much, you won’t come visit me!

 I am amazed at the amount of words that I have blogged over the past few months. What used to be torturous to me has (depending on the day) become second nature. And as I tell each of you what happens during my day, I feel liberated of it, especially if it is something negative.

It’s funny really, how much my life is in my blogs. I will oftentimes be talking to a friend and telling them something and they will simply respond, ‘I already know this, I read your blog!’ Wow. Talk about needing new material. So now I not only do I need blog fodder, but I also need to come up with conversation points as well. Sigh.

But I’m up for the challenge. And I love that you are following along with me. See you tomorrow on the firebirds blog!

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