GH day 93 redo – aka ‘Dress Do-over Day’

I couldn’t decide at first if I should confess the following in my blog or not. Then I thought, ah why the heck not. At some point you all will think I’m a bit crazy (if you don’t think that already).  I have bought a new dress for the awards ceremony at RWA’s National Convention. Now, if you have not been following me for long, this may not sound too strange. But if you have been on this blog journey with me for a while you will remember that I wrote a rather long (and what I thought humorous, although you can be the judge of that) blog about the dress I bought for Nationals already (GH Day 16 – aka ‘Pick out a Fancy-Shmancy Dress Day’).

If you haven’t read it, please read it now. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you… Okay, you now have the perspective needed to read this blog. The first question you may ask is how in the world did I even get into this new predicament? After what I experienced the first time, I couldn’t possible want to experience this torture a second time, right? Normally I would scream a resounding ‘yes’, but I saw this new dress online and it called to me. That in itself is hysterical because I am NOT a dress girl (as I stated in my previous dress blog).  So when I heard the call I answered it out of sheer curiosity.

The dress arrived today and, you guessed it, my co-workers demanded to see it. So I donned it and then tried on my original dress again for comparison. The votes were unanimous. The new dress won! And the original dress that I was so excited about will not be accompanying me to Atlanta. (Although it will be staying in my closet for a soiree in the future since it is still an awesome dress). And the funny part is that the shoes I bought for my original dress actually match this new dress even better. Who’d of thunk it?

For writers, we are often excited about a character or plot that we are developing and then we realize that what we thought was GREAT could actually be even BETTER. Now sometimes this realization can be painful. After all, we have attached ourselves to that first idea and spent time and effort developing it only to change it later. But ultimately we want our writing to be the BEST it can be. So I guess buying a new and better dress isn’t that crazy, right…right… Fine, be that way.


2 thoughts on “GH day 93 redo – aka ‘Dress Do-over Day’

    1. Sorry my co-worker who was not at work on Wednesday. Much happened and new dress decisions were made as outlined in blog. I will provide you with details at a later date!

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