GH day 92 redo – aka ‘Storm Chasing Day’

I took the afternoon off today and sat outside writing. I wrote 1000 words which in the grand scheme of things is not a HUGE amount for the hours spent, but it is 1000 words more than I had yesterday. See, I can be a glass half full girl sometimes. Aren’t you proud of me?

In the middle of my writing, a storm blew in and I had to go into the house while the rain beat down. Actually the rain beat sideways in sheets for a few minutes and then the sunshine came back out again. If not for the puddles and dripping trees it would have been as if it the storm never happened.

In writing, storms appear through conflict and when written well, the conflict lingers afterwards like the puddles. Often conflict grows one on top of the other, kind of like a supercell (can you tell I watch the weather channel?). If I continue with the comparison, the tornado is equivalent to the final climax scene for the book. Then the clean up happens and the hero and heroine (if a romance) are finally together.

Today, I was building the foundation for my first ‘holy crap’ moment in my book – my first storm. And these scenes can play as big a part of the storm scene itself. Remember, the storm is all that more powerful if the right conditions are met for the reader.

Now back into the sunshine I go…


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