GH day 91 redo – aka ‘Travel-Size-It Day’

I don’t know why, but I am obsessed with buying travel size items. I mean, how can you not be? There is something fascinating about tiny tubes of toothpaste and baby bottles of lotion and shampoo. And for me, even though they are marketed as ‘sample size’ items, I only buy them when I am travelling, so anticipation for my trip blossoms as I stand in the store in front of the bins housing these trip essentials. Plus there’s the added benefit of these items not taking up a lot of room in your suitcase. At the RWA ® National Convention there are a number of book signings that result in books that need to travel home with you. So extra room is very, very necessary!

Now that I have loaded up on all the small necessities, I also need to think about how to ‘travel-size’ my writing for Nationals as well. Why do I need to do this? Well, if someone asks me about my writing, obviously I can’t hand them the full manuscripts. Instead, I need to give them a blurb or snippet to explain my work. When I pitch at Nationals, I will only have 7 minutes to sell my work and several of those minutes will be used for conversation, not pitching. Again, a succinct hook in a few sentences will be necessary to convey to the agent and editor why they want to request my manuscript to read. My business cards also provide info on me and my Golden Heart ® final in a very tight fashion.

So over the course of the next few weeks, I will be travel-sizing my work. I’ll keep you apprised on how it goes…

 PS – you will notice that I have changed the numbering of my blogs. If you are confused, please read yesterday’s blog, GH day 100, for a full, embarassing explanation!




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