GH day 98 – aka ‘The Power of the Word Day’

I have realized lately how much power a blog can wield. In my case, it is connecting me with blog followers and Twitter followers from several different countries. It provides a voice to my manic ramblings as I prepare for the National Convention in July as well as my writing journey for the long haul ahead.

But it also allows me to threaten my family, friends and co-workers into submission (boo-haa-haa). Silence from my followers? Have I shocked you? Here’s what I mean. Most of the people in my life are well aware of my daily electronic pondering. So if they pick on me or act goofy. I tell them to stop or they might end up as the subject of my next blog. You would be AMAZED at how quickly they start behaving. Now why am I telling you this? Well other than the fact I have turned into a bit of a dictator, it shows the power of words.

Words are most definitely more powerful than the sword. They fashion us, teach us, and help us grow. And as you already are aware, with power comes responsibility. As a writer, to me this means fashioning the best story I can to pull my readers into the worlds that exist in my head (and yes they do exist). To allow them to share the journey with my characters and root for them as they battle their fears and win out in the end.

Words hold meaning and the amazing thing about this is that meaning can be different for each person! That is a huge concept to absorb on a Friday night while I lounge in a rocking chair on my parent’s side porch. So I will end this blog by simply saying behave my followers or you may be the subject of my next blog, or better yet, a character in one of my books!



2 thoughts on “GH day 98 – aka ‘The Power of the Word Day’

    1. Dear Superfan – thank you for the reminder concerning blog 95, Yes, I was concerned about my co-workers taping my mouth shut at work. However, keeping my fingers away from the keyboard and my daily blog 24 hours a day is a much larger undertaking so I am not as concerned in regards to this!

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