GH day 97 – aka ‘Getting to the Bones of it Day’

Oh followers, I have been struggling yet again with my writing. The past week or so has been hard for me to stay motivated. I blame it mostly on the weather and it FINALLY beginning to feel like summer. (It of course has nothing to do with me being distracted with the upcoming National Convention). I definitely write more profusely in the fall and winter time. But I need to stay motivated. After spending days last week stuck on one chapter, I can’t suffer through that again.

So what to do? Well this time when the scene stalled out, I started just writing the bones down. Normally I write the full scene with dialogue, description, inner dialogue, plot, etc. But if I write the bones, it often is just dialogue that I can spruce up later and add tags and thoughts to. I also will write notes like ‘DESCRIPTION’ and then come back later to fill it in. In this way I can jot down some scenes and then flesh them out when my creativity is recharged.


I also will skip ahead if a scene is screaming to be written later in the story. My thought pattern on this is that if I can see it in my head, then write it down! There is a reason why it is coming to me now and pushing my other scenes out-of-the-way, so I pay attention to it.

I used to write very linearly, however when I got stuck I would languish. And languishing is something I will no longer suffer through. So I write what comes to me and it works. Keep moving forward is my new mantra.


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