GH day 96 – aka ‘Time To Break in those Shoes Day’

So for the last few days, I have been talking about the excitement surrounding my trip to Nationals in July. And since I expounded on the awards ceremony and all that it entails, I forgot a very important item that can impact my night… those dang high heel shoes.

If you remember back (GH Day 20) I purchased a pair of killer shoes for my awards ceremony dress. ‘Killer’ in the sense that they are AWESOME, but they may also be killer on my feet, or my ego if I were to trip and or fall, especially, God forbid, on the stage if I am called as the winner!

So I have pulled those shoes out of their box and have started breaking them in. In a word, practicing. Now, you may wonder why someone over the age of 21 (that’s all you’re getting out of me on age, so zip it) would need to practice walking? Well, for one thing the heels are three inches which are definitely not the norm for me. Yes I can walk quite successfully – but flats are my modus operandi. I have to learn how to walk in THESE shoes.

This is the same case for writers. When we first start out, we think to ourselves. ‘Well, I can read a book and I know how to write, so I should be able to be an author.’ Yes and no. Recognizing good writing does not mean you know how to write well. And let me tell you that writing in the professional world is definitely NOT how you write a story. What do I mean by that? Well, in the professional world, grammatically correct sentences are a must. But in fiction proper grammar is not always called for. Now before I receive hate mail from all you grammarians out there, let me explain what I mean. 

When I first started writing all my sentences were (at least in my opinion) grammatically correct, including the dialogue. But herein lies the problem. We do not speak that way. Our speech is often truncated and most definitely not delivered in full sentences. So it read as unnatural and forced. But I learned. I took steps in my dialogue shoes and revised my dialogue. Then I took steps in my POV (point of view) shoes and realized I have to stay in one characters’ head so that my reader knows what the heck is going on. You get the idea.

Maybe it is good that a new writer plows into their craft without the knowledge of so many writing techniques and nuances. If they did, they may never attempt to write to begin with. There are so many aspects to writing well, that you need a huge walk-in closet just for all of your writing shoes! Some writing skills that you grasp easily may be flip-flops. Other’s that take a long time to understand may be 5-inch platforms. But I will keep moving forward, one blister-ridden foot at a time!


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