GH day 94 – aka ‘I am a VIP Day’

Today I received an email from RWA ® explaining about the Golden Heart ® Awards Ceremony that I will be attending in July, and it hit me – this is SO GONNA HAPPEN! Now, you may be thinking, duh… haven’t you been writing about your journey for the past, well let’s see, 94 days? Well, yes I have but this email solidified it for me.

I have to go to a practice session to prepare for the ceremony the day before so that I understand what to do if my name is called! We’ve all watched the academy awards when the actor tries to leave the stage the wrong way and the stick-thin model chases after them and motions for them to go the right way. Awkward right?

I have also been informed that I will be sitting with the other finalists in the VIP section. I don’t think I have ever been a VIP before. Am I supposed to feel different? It made the butterflies start fluttering in my stomach. I could even be sitting next to a New York Times best-selling novelist in this VIP section – cause I’m not going to be nervous enough ;).

But I think the thing that really made this email hit home, was the reminder that we needed to write an acceptance speech. AN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. Wow. I could be standing on a stage facing 3000 people and trying to be eloquent. Most of these people, writers, who expect my speech to be meaningful, funny, heartfelt – in two minutes or less. Now those butterflies in my stomach have turned into the birds from, well the movie, The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock movie that scared me to death. I swore that blackbirds followed me for days after I watched it).

So today I get a hint at what it feels like to be a VIP. Good thing I have a month to work up to the challenge. But I CAN do it. It’s another step (heck leap) at becoming published and that is my ultimate goal, right? I mean, you’ve been listening to me blather on about it for 94 rollercoaster days (and I thank you for sticking with me). 



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