GH day 93 – aka ‘Happy Father’s Day…Again!’

Today is Father’s Day. What, really you say? Wow, I was not expecting such sarcasm from you this early in the morning. The reason why I begin this way, is that if you remember, last sunday (GH day 86) I went to see my father and wished him a Happy Father’s Day, with card in hand and all! I won’t rehash that wonderful screw up, so go check out that blog if you haven’t already.

Today is a day that I will spend some time talking about my father and his influence in my writing. Now, a while back (GH day 76) I talked about how much of a wonderful story-teller my dad is and how that has influenced me greatly. But there is another important aspect that my father gave me that plays a HUGE role in my stories. What is it, you ask?

Humor. My dad is a funny man. I have laughed every day of my life with him, even when I want to yell at him sometimes (he’s stubborn too). He sees the funny in people and relays that through stories and jokes. He will even act out an event so that we can see the funny since actions provide humor as well.

Now, for me, I am a combination of my parents where humor is concerned. As I told you in my Mother’s Day blog, my mom is sarcasm and wit and I inherited that from her. And with a dose of my dad’s humor in my gene pool, that is sometimes a deadly combination. But is it me and it is reflected in my writing.

So today, when I present my father with a second card in a week and spend the day with him picking on me, I take all of this wonderful material and use the mechanics in my writing. My father is a trooper when it comes to my writing, he actually reads it! After I have removed ‘certain’ scenes, that is. He’s not big into paranormal, but the manuscripts he likes are the ones that have humor in it. Not a big shock, right? Humor translates across all genres.

Thanks dad for being funny (now don’t let that go to your head). Happy Father’s Day again!


2 thoughts on “GH day 93 – aka ‘Happy Father’s Day…Again!’

    1. Piper – Hello my fellow GH Finalist. Yes, I have been counting the days on my blog since ‘the call’ on March 26th. It seemed like a good idea at the time…as you can see I am 93 days into this! Double gulp. Thanks for the compliment, no one will turn down awesomeness!

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