GH day 91 – aka ‘Which Reveal Should I Reveal First Day?’

Have I confused you already? Join my world… I am working on my new story and trying to determine what reveal should be where in my book, and before you scratch your head some more let me explain what I mean.

In books (whether you realize it or not) there are moments that are turning points in the story. Something happens that forces the plot to go in a new direction. I like to call them ‘big reveals’. For my newest story, I actually have a reveal in relation to the heroine, a reveal for the hero and a reveal for the plot. I already know that the plot reveal will come towards the end of the book. I often have a mystery to solve in my stories and this one follows suit, so it will be during the wrap up (my ‘who done it moment’).

But the reveals for the characters are a bit trickier. If the heroine’s secret comes out first, the hero’s actions and secret will take on a different meaning. But the same could be said if I reveal the hero’s secret first. What to do? What to do?

Normally, I am not a ‘plotter’ when it comes to my stories. I am what is called a ‘pantser’. This means that I fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to my manuscripts. I don’t follow an outline. But with this manuscript I am a bit flummoxed (great word, flummoxed). I have to decide which reveal to reveal first. How to make the decision?

I’m going to delve into my day job to solve my writing dilemma (and I have never done this before, so it is momentous). I’m going to make a flow chart for the hero and the heroine’s reveal. If the heroine’s secret comes out, where does she go from here? The hero? And vice versa. Then the big reveal decision will be made from the flow chart that packs the most PUNCH. Don’t forget my blog yesterday about conflict. The more conflict the better I always say. Once I have this figured out, I will have my ‘TA DA’ moments as symbolized by my hands below (no they are not jazz hands, they are ta da hands – stay with me followers).

2013-06-14 16.24.18

And here I thought being a Process/IT manager wouldn’t ever help me with my writing. Flow charts are fun… Hah!


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