GH day 90 – aka ‘Why we Crave Conflict’

Today I have a headache. I think it is a combination of the weather (we have been having storms off and on for a few days) and stress. If it hadn’t been raining this morning I could have worn sandals to work. Maybe that would have helped with my stress level! (If you have no idea what I am talking about, then obviously you did not read yesterday’s blog –day 89 – which is now stressing me out all the more!).

So why am I stressed? Expectations, not enough hours in the day and a list of items I need to complete that is still sitting on my desk. You all know what I mean.  Today, on top of that it seemed like Gremlins were living in our computers and trying to make even the simplest things complex. And as I sat thinking about what the heck I was going to write in my blog, I came to an interesting conclusion. Often in fiction we are attracted to the things we wish to avoid in real life. Huh? What?

Stay calm my followers and let me explain. Most of us would avoid conflict in real life. Who wants to deal with it really? The added stress, the emotions, etc. Yet fiction often is riddled with conflict and emotion and we glom onto it like a lifeline. Why would we do this?

  • Is it the fact that the emotion belongs to someone else?
  • Is it a catharsis for our own emotions –whether a happy or sad ending?
  • In the case of romance does the foregone ‘happy ever after’ ending allow us to plow through the conflict in the story?

Let’s be honest. Most of us would be bored out of our skulls if everything was happy from the beginning to the end of a book. What would be the point? Do we not want to see the characters change and grow, forming relationships as they go? Do we not want to see them beat insurmountable odds and take the evil foe down a few pegs?

Yes. We need this in our lives. And if the story is written well, these characters become part of us and we root for their success or failure (in the case of the big-bad ugly).

So when you want to escape your own stress and conflict, keep this in mind…

Stay calm and READ on!


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