GH day 88 – ‘Stop the Crazy Dreams Day’

This morning I woke up angry. Why you ask? Well I had a very frustrating dream. I was at work and a co-worker (someone who doesn’t exist in the real world) was explaining to me all the things I had been doing wrong at work, in front of all of my other co-workers (who do exist in the real world). So I let her have it (no I didn’t fight her, although that would have been an interesting dream). I told her off quite LOUDLY. Who did she think she was? She had no idea what she was talking about and she couldn’t step in now and berate me for the past! Then I stomped back to my office, dodging my slack-jawed co-workers.

And then my alarm clock went off. And I was pissed! And then confused. What the heck was that all about? Sure, it doesn’t take Freud to realize that something set off my subconscious. The dream left me with feelings of anger, sure, but also a feeling of frustration that I couldn’t verbalize my arguments in a better way. My communication skills were definitely lacking!

2013-06-11 11.56.23So I thought back to the night before and my frame of mind before I went to bed. I had been irritated at myself. I have been working on a chapter of my new story for THREE DAYS now. I am stuck and frustrated and that was my mindset before I went to sleep. No wonder my dreams are wacky.

And since I don’t plan on waking up pissed tomorrow, I need to put a writing plan of action in place for tonight (and no, dear boss man, this doesn’t mean I will be shirking my daily work duties!).

I have a number of options:

  1. Ditch the chapter – most painful option, but may be necessary
  2. Determine if the chapter is happening at the right time – it might not be flowing because it isn’t supposed to happen yet
  3. Jump over the chapter and write the next scene – now, some of my writing friends are cringing since they have to write in order. Not me. I can jump around, especially if a scene is not working or if an important scene comes to life in my head and I have to get it down or I will lose it.

When I leave work tonight I will have made a decision and will move forward in my writing BEFORE I go to sleep tonight.

No more angry dreams for me.

2 thoughts on “GH day 88 – ‘Stop the Crazy Dreams Day’

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  1. Yikes. Hopefully your subconscious wasn’t chewing out your beta reader for trying to force pages out of you! Sleep well.

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