GH day 86 – aka ‘Get a Clue Day’

Today I showed up at my parents’ house and handed my father his Father’s Day card. Now before panic ensues, you did NOT miss Father’s Day. It is next week. But for some reason, my brain had determined that it was today. Hello…is anybody in there???

So after my parents’ stopped laughing (they are evil that way) I took a deep breath and sat down to write this blog. There are times when everyone misses the mark. Writers are no exception. And since we are oftentimes caught up in the worlds we build, we don’t realize that we missed the mark. For me, that’s when critique partners are invaluable. I might grumble when they tell me I need to expand on a character or plot point, but they are right much of the time. But sometimes not and as the writer I have to be strong enough to let those suggestions go. My critique group offers ‘challenges’ when they feel something could be stronger and while I don’t always do what they suggest, it at least makes me think about that scene or chapter and decide if it need revising.

So now, I have to get my dad another Father’s Day card and celebrate with him again next weekend and he will want some sort of dessert as a payback for the ‘undue stress’ he suffered today from my early Father’s Day declaration.

As I was writing this, my mother started picking on my father, and he declared it was not nice of her to be mean to him on Father’s Day and then they laughed some more! I will not be living this down anytime soon. Thank God I hadn’t called my brother yet. If you think my parents are bad…


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