GH day 85 – aka ‘Glean Info from NYT Bestselling Author’

I attended a summer reading session at a local library (please check out your libraries! Many have wonderful events that you can attend for FREE and of course all those books….) where I listened to Eloisa James speak. Eloisa is a best-selling author of Regency Romance. She also happens to be a professor of Shakespeare at Fordham (smart, smart lady).

What pleasure to hear about her latest work as well as how she writes. She doesn’t plot things out for fear she would analyze it to death and take the passion out of it. She writes even if she feels she is writing ‘crap’ that day because she will go back and edit it. But if she gets something down on the pages she is accomplishing something.

With her background, it isn’t surprising that she weaves other stories into her books. Her most recent book Once Upon a Tower is what she calls a ‘mash up between Romeo and Juliet and Rapunzel’. I can’t wait to read it.

But one of the most important things I took away from the talk was when someone asked her why she has been successful in her academic and writing life and she said she thinks like a man! Now that got my attention. What the heck did she mean by that? Well, she went on to explain that men set a goal and they work on that goal and then achieve it. For example, writing their dissertation for PhD. Women often worry too much about making everything perfect for themselves and their families. Nothing can ever be perfect. Work hard and turn in your dissertation or that manuscript that you have been working on. Move forward.

What great advice. I agree that for me I try to make everything perfect. And perfection is an elusive goal that you can never reach. Thanks Eloisa, for giving me a much-needed kick in the pants!

 (Eloisa is the strawberry-blond with glasses in the middle and I am on the far left. The other women are my friends and chaptermates with NEORWA)IMG_0673


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