GH day 84 – aka ‘Checking out my Competition Day’

Okay, not really…but the title made you want to read this, right? We’re all suckers for controversy…and you will find none here. If you perused my blog yesterday I told you about a group blog today that would be hosting ALL of the Golden Heart ® finalists in the paranormal category. If you still haven’t had a chance to check it out, go to

It was so exciting this morning to see myself and the seven other finalists on the website, our shining faces smiling back from the screen. The post contained blurbs about all of our books and we each spoke about why we write. And here are some of the cool things I noticed today. Our books are all VERY different. That is awesome! To have such divergent ideas makes this finalist group all the more interesting. We each write paranormal for different reasons as well, although I think we all harbor the ‘escapist gene’ to go somewhere else and be with powerful people who make the day-to-day fade away.

As the days tick away toward Nationals in July, I can’t wait to meet everyone in my category as well as the other finalists. We have named ourselves the Lucky 13’s, which I love because of the irony.  And I hope that when I spend time with these talented women, I form some life-long friendships. Something else to look forward to.



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