GH day 83 – aka ‘Prepping for Group Blog Day’

My dear legion of followers, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, Friday, June 7th, I will be blogging with my fellow Golden Heart ® paranormal finalists on a website called Paranormal Unbound. Cool name, right?

We all were asked to answer the question, ‘Why do I write paranormal?’ Come check out my answer tomorrow as well as see my fellow finalists. This is a great opportunity to promote myself as a writer. Promotion is a large part of the writing business, although many writers cringe at the thought of the business part of writing. I mean, writers are creative, often introverted people, so promoting oneself can be onerous.

But in this day and age it is something we have to do to succeed. The trouble oftentimes is finding the right balance between promotion (social media) and actually writing. If you don’t produce product, you don’t have much to promote…but if you don’t promote yourself, your product doesn’t go very far. Oh, the which came first conundrum…the dragon or the egg?(what? you were expecting chicken and the egg…come on, I write paranormal).

Normally for me, writing wins out, but since I got the GH call on March 26th I have been spending a BIT more time on social media, hence the revamping of my website and daily blogs, and blog visits. I’ve been keeping busy and I appreciate you coming along for the ride.


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