GH day 81 – aka ‘I Needs me Spinach Day’

Today I had a craving for salad. So believe it or not, I went to a popular sandwich shopSpinach_leaves (that also makes good chopped salads) and ordered. As they were getting ready to prepare it, I was informed that they didn’t have any spinach, just iceberg and was that okay? I almost said yes. But then I thought, nope, I really wanted spinach! So I said no thank you and got back into my car. Not to be deterred, I drove to the other popular sandwich shop (that also makes good chopped salads. Are you getting the idea that this is a chain yet?) and ordered a salad. No problem, but just so you know we are (you guessed it) out of spinach.

Dogonit (pronounced dog-gone-it).

So being a conspiracy theorist, wild ideas started flying. Why is all the spinach missing in this town? Who is hording th spinach? Being a writer I tried to determine if there was a story in my lunchtime crusade for a salad. Not really a story, but a blog…

What to do? What to do? Do I keep driving around town or do I suck it up and settle for iceberg? Today I settled. I mean, I only have 60 minutes for lunch and I had already burned through 30 of them driving around town on a spinach quest. So I let it go.

Sometimes even though it is hard to do, you have to let things go. Not every scene you write is Pulitzer Prize worthy. You do the best you can and move forward. Perfection is an unattainable goal. What? you say? Aren’t you settling? Absolutely not. You write and then you edit and make it better and then you LET IT GO. If you don’t you would never send your manuscript out to agents or editors. You would never see your name on a cover and know that people are reading your work. Besides, once your manuscript is accepted by a publisher, there will be plenty of editing that will take place before it actually hits bookstores and ereaders.

The most wonderful story that stays under the bed is a story that is never shared or experienced by others. LET IT GO.


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