GH day 78 – aka ‘Inspired by an Inspirational Writer Day’

Today I attended a talk by a New York Times best-selling inspirational romance author. It is always interesting to hear about a writer’s journey. I think we forget that famous authors are still people underneath with the same hopes and insecurities. As writers we strive to get our name out there and once it is, we strive to keep it there. Very few people feel secure in their ability to remain at the top.

I took several very important ideas from her today:

  • Patience and Perseverance – this is what you need in this crazy publishing business. It can take years before you publish, or find an agent, or sign a multi-book contract, etc. Don’t lose your passion. Don’t give up!
  • Willingness to Reinvent Yourself – you may need to write a different genre to survive in this publishing business.
  • What you Originally thought you Wanted will Change as you do – reality can often be different from your goals. Be flexible.

But one of the most eye-opening things she talked about today had to do with rejection. Now, I have heard all kinds of advice about rejection over the years, but she voiced two very important concepts today:

  1. Sometimes when you are rejected and told that your writing is not there yet, you have to swallow your pride and admit that this might be true, especially if you are just starting out. And as hard as it is to hear or read those words, it doesn’t mean you stop writing. But you work on your craft and make it better.
  2. When you are rejected, it does not mean that the person does not like YOU. It means that they don’t connect with your STORY. Separate yourself from your writing. And yes, that is a very hard thing to do.

So today I was inspired which is a good thing and I hope to pay it forward.





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