GH day 77 – aka ‘Why I Almost Didn’t Write my Blog Day’

Yes my followers, it is ungodly late to be posting my blog now. I do apologize. But I also have an explanation/excuse/reason why I did not get to this until now. Today was a crazy day at work so there was little chance of working on this at lunchtime. I was cranky and complained all day long.

After work I went to spend some time with my parents and during dinner we watched the evening news. There was an interview with  6 women who lost their limbs in the Boston Marathon bombing. And I got slapped with a hearty dose of perspective and realized that my crappy, cranky day was not as horrible as I made it out to be. 

After that the news started reporting on all the tornadoes ravaging Oklahoma. And we sat there, stomach twisted and hearts pumping as the reports came in about the funnel clouds touching down in multiple locations.

So now that I am home, I write this blog with my thoughts going out to everyone suffering right now. And once I finish this blog, I am going to open a book and get lost in it for an hour before I go to bed. Why? Because books allow us to escape the events that many of us suffer every day, even if just for a little while.

I think many people disparage books that aren’t literary fiction as ‘escapist, vacation lit’. But you know what? If that is what someone needs on a day when they come home and can’t face one more awful thing, then I say more power to escaping!

Books take you to worlds that existed centuries ago, or a thousand years into the future. Characters become your friends and you root for them. And for a few hours they let you relax, laugh, cry, reminisce, and wish. In other words, books can be a form of therapy.

I guess that means as a writer, I’m a therapist.  Don’t worry, I won’t try to charge you by the hour, just by the book!

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