GH day 75 – aka ‘Surprise in my Laundry Day’

2013-05-28 20.26.02No, this is not clay, or spray cheese from a can, or a modern art exhibit. This is what I pulled out of my clothes washer today. What the heck is it you ask? Well, let me explain.

I washed a load of laundry that had an orange jacket (orange jacket, really? yes really). Inside the pocket of the jacket was a pack of tissues. Not one tissue, but a WHOLE pack. Now for those of you who have washed a tissue before, you know that it leaves shreds of it EVERYWHERE in your washer. To add insult to this whole process, I was washing a load of darks. Hello! Why are there streamers all over my jeans and black pants!

The white tissues tinged a light shade or orange (yes orange – please let the orange jacket thing go already – it’s cute, honest). So I got to pick orange, water-logged tissues off of my clothes and the inside of my washer. And then I thought to myself that this experience has to be something I can incorporate into my blog.

And then it hit me.

As writers, we pull in daily, real life events into our writing all the time. It might not be obvious, but it is there nonetheless. We may use a mannerism from a real life person in one of our characters. Maybe a tick? or a walk? or a saying? We see what we want love to be around us (or maybe what we don’t want love to be) and incorporate it into our stories. Sometimes humor lies in real life simple events that translate so well on the page that we can’t not use them. And the list goes on.

Even though I write about paranormal, their emotions and struggles still translate from the real world. And it makes these events all the more poignant or funny if they are dealing with the same things us ‘normal’ people deal with.

So yes, a pile of orange, water-logged tissues that look like the intestines from a stuffed animal gave me a topic for my blog today.  Who knew?

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