GH day 74 – aka ‘I Wrote 2800 Words Day’

Yes, you heard it here first. Little ol’ me wrote 2800 words on my new story. Oh, the angelic choirs are singing as I enthusiastically type this. That word count is a REALLY good day for me. Now, followers, you may be asking yourself how many words should I be writing?

The speed with which authors write is as varied as the authors themselves. Since I have a day job, when I write during the week I can average 500-1000 words at night (keeping in mind I write for 1-2 hours in the evening). On the weekend, a couple thousand during the day is good (remember, I am running all the errands on the weekends that I neglect during the week due to my day job and writing), so 2800 words is a good day.

That, however is not my daily record. I have actually written 6000-7000 words in a day when I am on a roll. I will tell you, however, the last time I did this I got a killer headache by the end. It seems my brain stayed in hyperspace a bit too long that day. You may ask why it is so hard to just ‘crank out’ words on the page? Because you are creating a story with plot and character development and rules for a world that doesn’t exist in real life. It can be daunting and exhausting. But it also can be miraculous and inspiring. Which is why I keep doing it!

When I am close to the end of my book, I have a tendency to really produce. I think it is because I am so excited to find out what happens at the end, much like a reader is excited to get to the end. Writers are uber-readers. The story unfolds for us and if we do our jobs right, it is as exciting to us as it is the person who reads it!

And now I am done with today’s blog of 338 words. Sorry, can’t seem to get off the word count bandwagon today.


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