GH day 72 – aka ‘Putting the Pieces Together Day’

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that I have started a new story. Since then, I have gone into obsessed-mode with it. It has been occupying my thoughts for hours now. So much so, that I barely spoke to my mother today while we were driving to the store. She finally asked me what the silence was all about and I told her I was thinking about my story and then proceeded to brainstorm yet again with her. (My mother can be patient, sometimes.)

For me, especially in the beginning of the manuscript, I view my story like a puzzle. I startpuzzle to craft the pieces and then I have to figure out how they fit together.This isn’t always easy. Have you ever put together a puzzle and placed a piece that ALMOST seems to fit, but not quite? That can happen with writing as well. Most of the piece fits, but one or two details just don’t jive. So you have to go back and rework it. That is what I am doing right now. I added another scene in chapter 1 and now am looking at reworking chapter 2. Ughhh. But the first chapters are VITAL in pulling in your readers. Spending more time on them is a necessary evil.

What makes this process all the more difficult is, unlike a puzzle that provides a picture to use as a guide, a manuscript starts as a blank slate. As more pieces fit together, the picture takes shape. Hopefully by the end, it is a picture that resonates with your reader and makes them want to put together another puzzle with you in the future.

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