Gh day 71 – aka ‘I Started a New Manuscript Day’

I have started a new manuscript today – yay me! When I get a new idea, my skin actually starts to itch and my fingers want nothing more than to type on the keyboard. As writers, starting a new story can be as addictive as a drug.

2013-04-29 12.51.31

This new idea came to me in a dream, in those early hours right when I start to wake up and it stayed with me as I lay in bed in that semi-conscious state we experience right before getting out of bed. The basic plot came to me first and then the heroine barged her way into my brain (as they almost always do).

I wrote the first scene and she came to life before my eyes with a HUGE issue right off the bat. LOVE IT when that happens. Not only did my heroine appear, but her best friend/trusty, funny sidekick also made an appearance. You know me, I’ve got to have some sort of funny in my books.

Then I had to step back for a second and start to world build BEFORE I could introduce the hero. The heroine is human and came to me totally fleshed out, but the world she is about to enter does not exist (except in my head of course, where it is very real). The hero is supernatural and will NOT be your typical vamp or shifter. Now before I insult all you paranormal readers who love their vamps fangy and their shifters hairy, know that I love them too and write about them as well. But this time, I am veering from the norm.

New ideas often make me lose track of the real world and my responsibilities. Case in point, I just realized that I had not written my blog today because I have been living inside my story today. And this is just the beginning.


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