GH day 69 – aka ‘Sent my Manuscript to an Editor Day’

This past weekend at the local writer’s conference I pitched to an editor and actually had a great time doing it. What? You say. How is this possible? I read your previous blogs, AE, and you bemoaned the whole pitch process – I seem to remember you likening it to speed dating!

That is true. With pitching you do sometimes feel like cattle being led to the ….well you get the idea.  This time, however, I actually had made the acquaintance of said editor PRIOR to the pitch. And found out she was a nice, funny, and highly informed individual. In other words a human being!

Sometimes as unpublished writers who do not get to interact with agents and editors frequently, we forget that they are in this business to publish great literature. They LOVE the process. And they might not be spending hours upon hours writing, but they are spending hours upon hours reading and editing.

So I pitched my little heart out and didn’t let myself get nervous. I wasn’t sitting in the principal’s office after all. I was having a discussion with a fellow book enthusiast.

And the end result of the pitch? A request for my manuscript. Yahoo! So after I read and reread and reread again (yes I am OCD) my email to her, I gulped (just a little) and clicked ‘send’.

And now the hard part begins…the waiting!

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