GH day 68 – aka ‘Kitty Anxiety Attack Day’

Today I had to take the afternoon off of work to take the cat to the vet. Why you might ask? Well last night when I got home, my boy cat, Dillon, started crying pitifully. If you have ever heard a cat cry (really cry, not meow), you know what I mean. He ran around the house and shook his head, crying for HOURS.

Being the overprotective mother that I am, we traversed to the vet (which is a painful 15 minute drive while he howls from the back of the car like someone is skinning him) and had him checked over. Nothing physical appeared to be wrong with him. So what does that leave? Anxiety. Yes, you read it right. He was having the kitty version of an anxiety attack.

Now what? Well, the vet and I talked it over and decided I would monitor him and see if we could find his anxiety trigger. Then I need to work to alleviate that trigger. If that doesn’t work, there is a kitty xanax available (so not wanting to go there).

For writers. we have our own set of anxiety triggers – will anyone like this manuscript? Can I get this finished and sent out on time? Has my idea been done to death? Are the characters likeable? The list goes on. Each one of us has to identify our trigger and work to overcome it. Many are based on self-doubt (a subject I have discussed in detail in prior blogs).

Anxiety can cripple us to the point where we stop writing which is the last thing a writer can afford to do. So today, when I try to calm my spastic cat down, I also think about my triggers as well, take a deep breath and push past them so that I can succeed.

Hopefully the cat will settle down shortly as well. I told the vet that if all else fails, I start taking the xanax and then the cat can do whatever he wants and it won’t bother me!

2012-11-06 07.42.54This is Dillon when he is acting ‘non-spastic’!


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