GH day 67 – aka ‘Booked my Flight Day’

Today I booked my flight to the RWA ® National Conference. For some reason, I thought I had already done this, but not so. I blame it on the craziness of the first few weeks after getting the GH ® Finalist ‘call’. Those days are a blur to me. I actually should go back and read my blog from that time to try and remember what the heck happened!

imagesCAWFTQ2WForgetting to book a flight is a HUGE detail that should have NOT escaped my attention. But it did. I am human after all. At least I realized it now and not right before I head to Atlanta. While a last minute road trip might make an interesting story, it is one less hassle that I choose to avoid.

As writers we can become overwhelmed in our own stories. How is that possible, you might ask? It is a world that we create in our heads, so ultimately we are in control. Well yes and no. Yes the world lives in our head, but it often takes on its own personality and can attempt to overshadow you. Plus world-building is huge, enormous, and mammoth. I mean, you are building A WORLD with people, rules, norms that are not real. On top of this is plot, characters, conflict, motivation, dialogue, etc. No wonder this is no easy feat.

So it is no surprise that a detail (big or small) can be lost in your writing. That is what editing is all about. And I don’t mean line edits. Line edits is looking for typos, missed words, awkward sentences, etc. I am talking about content editing. Does the plot work? Is the work flowing and making sense? Does the scene convey what it is supposed to? Etc. This can be much harder to catch than typos.

What makes logical sense to me and the world in my head doesn’t necessarily convey itself in a logical fashion in the manuscript. So when you complete your manuscript, put the red pen away and read it for content. You should do it. You can do it. Honest.


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