GH day 55 – aka ‘Conference Recap Day’

Friday night and Saturday, I attended our local writers’ conference (as discussed in my previous  ‘glitter’ blog) and it was wonderful! Great keynote speaker and workshop speakers. Informed and personable agent and editors. It was amazing and energizing.

There is something wonderful about coming together with a group of like-minded people. Writers, agents and editors live for the joy of a book. That is a wonderful reason to create, to explore and to work in the publishing industry.

I have never had trouble walking into a room of ‘strangers’ who are writers. Maybe because we speak the same language and within minutes we are strangers no more? By simply uttering four simple words, “what do you write?” the floodgates open and new friends are made. That was the case with this weekend as well. I was excited to meet a fellow Golden Heart ® finalist who drove to our conference to specifically meet me and the other writer in our chapter who finaled this year in the contest. How awesome and supportive is that!

The other positive note from attending writers’ conferences is that I realize that I am not ‘crazy’ for hearing voices of characters in my head, or for my compulsion in setting my stories to paper. Every writer I meet has this same drive and it is much better to feel part of a community than a loony woman alone on an island (no comments on this, please).

So as I wrap up my weekend and prepare for the week ahead and my day job, I remember the advice, camaraderie and positive vibes I absorbed at the conference. Then I smile at the computer screen in front of me as I type the first words to bring a new story to life.

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