GH day 54 – aka ‘I am Covered in Glitter Day’

220px-Glitter_close_upDid you miss me yesterday? I missed you, oh wonderful followers. I just got home after our writer’s conference. I am exhausted and covered in glitter and that is not as kinky (or fun) as it sounds.

As part of our conference we create gift baskets with books or related items that we raffle. I helped transport baskets to the hotel, and then set them up in the morning before the conference began. This year I won several baskets that were covered in glittery tulle. And now said glitter is covering me, my car, and my cats who proceeded to rub against me when I arrived home voicing their disappointment at being abandoned for two days. (Now before you call the APL on me, my parents took care of my cats while I was away).

And there is something about glitter that reminds me of writing (you knew I was going to find some kind of comparison, right?). To me, glitter is a great idea that pulls you in and helps you to create a story. That ultimately entices the reader to want to continue turning the pages.

Glitter, much like ideas can be found anywhere at any time. It can be weeks later and you will find glitter on your face. How did it get there? Where has it been hiding all these weeks?

And ideas that won’t go away can be as annoying as the glitter that stays with you no matter how many times you wash your clothes. Maybe the ideas that won’t die are ones that you need to revisit?

But as much as glitter attracts, it also can lack substance. An idea must have the layers to support your story and create complex and conflict-driven characters. So don’t think an idea can be all flash with no backbone. Spend time with your idea and weave it into your story line. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m now going to sign off for the evening since I am getting glitter on my keyboard!


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