GH day 52 – aka ‘Odds & Ends Day’

So today has been a tad bit crazy, as you can probably gather since I am not posting today’s blog until 10 o’clock at night!  I have had a lot to do today, so I am going to give you a quick run down of my craziness (for today, not my total craziness otherwise I would be here for a while).

So the first thing I want to report (especially if you read my blog yesterday) is that I have actually seen my new business cards and they are great! Yahoo, praise be! So that is one thing I can check off of my massive list. They came just in time since I am heading to my local writer’s conference this weekend and will hand out my cards there.

A few other MINOR things I had to do today included laundry, packing, shopping, printing directions, getting gas, going to the ATM, packing snacks, loading gift baskets into my car, going to a doctor’s appointment and oh yeah working my day job.

Now I am writing this somewhat frazzled blog and before I go to bed I will be practicing my pitches for the conference. Remember, I wrote my pitches and then read them to my critique group and then rewrote them…now, I need to run through them a few times before I turn in tonight.

And the best part is that tomorrow will probably be more crazy than today was!  Since I will be travelling to the conference tomorrow, I will not be posting a blog on Friday. Please don’t cry yourselves to sleep. When I come back I will post what happened at the conference! That should give me some interesting topics for my blog.



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