GH day 51 – aka ‘New Business Cards have Arrived Day’

Many of you have been following what I like to call my ‘Business Card Saga’. First I wrote a blog about designing my cards to take to nationals (GH day 14). Then I got my business cards and hated, hated, HATED them (GH day 32). Then I finally redesigned them (GH day 38).

Today my business cards arrived in the mail. I haven’t seen them yet, but they are lovely. How do I know, you might ask? Am I psychic? No, my parents have already seen the cards and insist they are much better than version one. So I thought today I would give you a humorous rendition of my parents’ roles in this saga in a three act play.

I had my first cards shipped to my parent’s house since it is much easier during the weekdays to have a successful delivery when someone is home. When they arrived, my mom called me. Characters in this play are M = Mom, D = Dad, AE = me


Scene 1:

Mom calls me at work.

M: Your business cards came.

AE: That’s Good.

M: Yeah, there cute.

AE: You opened them?

M: Of course. Your father and I have one in our wallets now. We went to visit your aunt and cousins today. They liked them too.

AE: So the whole family has seen them except me?

M: Yep.

Scene 2:

I arrive at my parents’ house, excited to see my cards. I pull one out of the box and my nose wrinkles in disgust. Ughhh!

M & D: So what do you think? 

AE: I hate them!

M & D: Why?

AE: They’re faded, and the little boxes that were supposed to show up on the front of the card are faded.

M & D: Holding cards closer to their faces. What boxes?



Scene 1

Mom calls me at work

M: A box was delivered for you to the house today.

AE: Okay.

M: We thought it was your new business cards, so I had your father open them. He argued with me about opening the box, but in the end I convinced him. When your father looked inside he said ‘I told you we shouldn’t have opened this. It is not her business cards. We are in so much trouble.’

To which my mother immediately responded, What is this we you keep saying. I didn’t open the box, you did. (Yes my mother threw my father under the proverbial bus).

Scene 2

I stop and pick up the box from my parent’s house. My father has attempted to tape it back together so that I am none the wiser. Hah!



My Dad calls me at work. (good Lord, there is a pattern arising with these calls and my boss reads my blog!)

D: Your business cards arrived today and I am telling you right now that I did NOT open the box. I told your mother not to open the box, but she did it anyway.

AE: So what do they look like?

D: Okay. They look like your other ones to me.

AE: Put Mom on the phone!

Phone is passed to Mom.

AE: So how do they look?

M: Much better than the last ones. More colorful and interesting.

AE: Okay. I’ll stop and get them after work. Could you not hand them out to the rest of the neighborhood until I see them first?



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