GH day 50 – aka ‘Come up with an Idea Day’

imagesCAPG8Z7TI got a new idea for a story today. Hee Hee. There is something about new ideas that make me so happy. There isn’t even a guarantee that it will mature into a full-fledged manuscript, but it is exciting nonetheless.

Ideas tease my synapses quite often like a small child playing peek-a-boo. I may be startled for a second and then I smile as the idea pokes its head up. Sometimes it stays in my brain for a while before I accept the inevitable and jot it down on paper. Once I do that, it comes to life.

Next step is often a mental wrestling match-do I think of a loose plot or delve into the character? And I do mean character, singular, since most of my ideas start with one of the main characters taking form. And it is normally the female character who speaks to me in the beginning. Personality always comes first followed by looks, which is interesting that my brain works that way.

What are her fears she is aware of? That she isn’t aware of? (Those are often more interesting). What makes her sympathetic and someone the reader wants to root for? What challenge does she face in her day-to-day or in the new life she is thrust into (as is often the case of paranormal stories).

As the heroine evolves, the hero is born-yin to her yang. Conflict is necessary. Banter is mandatory. Building their relationship enriches the story and makes me (and hopefully the reader) come back for more. And it helps if they are facing a big paranormal baddie especially an antagonist working to keep them apart.  And of course has maniacal tendencies.  I like the baddies who want to destroy the world, or at least make it into their own twisted image.

So today I came up with an idea. We’ll see if it takes root and grows over the next few weeks.

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