GH day 49 – aka ‘Write SOMETHING Day’

I sit staring at you, mesmerized.

You blink, teasing me,

but the longer I watch you,

the more irritated I become.

You are relentless.

What was once a subtle reminder

turns into mock-ing. MOCK-ing. MOCK-ING.

Stop! I will write something today.

I promise.

This splendiferous poem, Ode to the Cursor, is what came to me as I sat in front of my blank computer screen wondering what I should blog about today. For writers, getting over that blank page and typing that first word, first sentence, first page is a monumental feat some days.

If the scene you are working on won’t materialize on the page, then don’t agonize over it. Jump to another scene and work on that. Now for those of you who write in order and are fanning yourselves to stop from passing out at the suggestion, let me explain. Isn’t it much better to write SOMETHING than nothing at all? Sometimes if I move to another scene, it helps me free up whatever mental block I have on the other one.

If the words of your story aren’t flowing at all, then don’t worry about writing a scene or even full sentences for that matter. Jot down ideas about your story. Or maybe a loose plot line of what you want to work on. Or spend some time with your characters and expand on them.

Let’s face it. Sometimes the creative well dries up for a period of time. Most times it is short and semi-painless. But if it expands into an agonizing dry-patch, write something even if it isn’t the story you have been working on. WHAT!?! You say? Your heard me right. Write about something else. There may be a reason why your characters aren’t speaking to you. Brainstorm a new idea or maybe write a poem to get those juices flowing again.


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