GH day 48 – aka ‘Thank my Mom Day’

Today seemed to be an appropriate day to stop and thank my mom for helping mold me into who I am – a sarcastic, somewhat witty woman with visions of demons and vampires dancing in my head.

Now before you get the idea that my mom is Morticia from the Adaams Family, take heart, she is far more normal than me! So what did my Mom instill in me?

My love of reading. My mom reads 2-3 books a week. She LOVES to read and began reading to both me and my brother the moment we were born. She reads anything and everything, although she will admit she is not much of a paranormal reader (LOL) with the exception of my stuff.

Never give up. My mom rolls her eyes when I tell her I can’t do something. She is a firm believer that we can actually do anything given enough time and persistence. She is often my voice of reason when I tell her I have had enough with trying to get my manuscripts published (and yes, there are days when I could hang in the towel).

Laugh every day. My mom, actually my whole family was raised on humor. If things are tough then find a way to laugh. It helps, honest.

Speak up. My mom did not raise me to sit back and not speak my mind. Sometimes that can get me into trouble, but I have to gauge my comments and pick my battles – something else she taught me as well.

Be fearless. My mom is pretty amazing and willing to do most things. Heck, she reads my sex scenes in my books and doesn’t blink (or she doesn’t let me see her blink).

When all else fails, pick on your father. My sarcasm comes from my mom. She is the master of the subtle dig and she follows it up will a small laugh in case we don’t realize she has just zinged us. My poor father has to put up with both of us. And even better still, my two nieces have started to pick on him too – and he loves it!

Every day my Mom reads my blog. She tells me when its good and when it misses the mark (remember ‘speak up’). It will be interesting to hear what her comments are today!

2013-05-12 09.34.51


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