GH day 47 – aka ‘I got Crickets Day’

No this is not some sort of euphemism for a weird disease. Hang on and let me explain.


Today I met with my critique group and read my pitches to them. If you remember, I posted a blog (GH day 44) about writing a pitch. Well, I read the pitches (for both my books I will be pitching) out loud. And guess what? I got crickets. Silence ensued and …if I had been outside and … if it had been later in the summer, I would have welcomed the crickets high-pitched sounds to silence.

When the quiet was finally broken (thank God), the next words were hard to hear as well. “You write funny and this (point dramatically to the pitch) is not funny.” Fuuudge. 

You have heard me bemoan the writing of funny before. Sometimes it works and sometimes…you get crickets. So I will step back and try again, tomorrow. I have found that there are times when I feel funny and times when I don’t (kind of like the Almond Joy/Mounds commercials – some times you feel like a nut….).

And while I did feel like slamming my  head on the table today, my critique partner was right. The first pitch I read to them needs a rewrite.Wait, didn’t I talk about rewrites just yesterday? Now that’s spooky. Which fits into my paranormal world – how kismet!



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