GH day 43 – aka ‘Come Back Down to Earth Day’

imagesWow, what a day yesterday! I had a wonderful time on the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, and I have a tear in my eye at the thought, here is the direct link:

So go take a gander… go on. I’ll be waiting patiently for your return 😉

Okay you’re back. So what did I learn from yesterday? Writers are such an encouraging, supportive bunch (although I already knew that). I was amazed that I got to respond to comments ALL DAY LONG. Like I was a best-selling novelist or something!

When I logged onto the blog yesterday morning at 8 am, I was surprised to see so many comments already there. How fun! Each response for me was a little story, a communication to someone I knew (like a member of my writer chapter) or a complete stranger, who didn’t seem so strange when I realized they were in the same boat I was – a writer trying to fine tune their craft whether an unpub like me or a multi-published author.

And the comments were as varied as the commenters!  Each person chiming in on what their struggles were or chiming in about a scene from the movie that made them laugh or think of it as a writer.

So now I am back to work (don’t fret, I am writing this during my lunch hour) and have to come back to reality. But I had to share the experience with my wonderful followers because it was a first for me and you have to memorialize those first events. Cause when I’m having a crappy day in the future, I can pull this event out of my memory bank and use it as a ‘memory-antidepressant’. Much cheaper than the real thing and with less side effects!


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