GH day 40 – aka ‘Decisions, Decisions Day’

Today I have to decide which agent and editor I want to pitch to at National Conference. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘pitch’, it basically means that you have 10 minutes to sit in front of a member of the publishing industry and tell them about your book and why they want to represent you (agent) or buy it (editor).

In previous blogs (Look back a ways if you are interested) I have equated pitching to speed dating. Hands sweating, heart racing you put your best foot forward and sell, baby, sell while there is a stop watch ticking away the seconds.

Because I am a Golden Heart ® Finalist, this means that on Monday I get first pick on who I would like to pitch to. This is a great benefit of being a finalist, but it is also overwhelming because that means I am pretty much guaranteed of getting ANYONE on the list. So now I have to go through both lists and decide who I want to meet with. Which agent should I search out to partner with? Which editor does it make sense meeting?

At this point, it’s all about research:

Step 1 – which agent/editors are looking for paranormal? Luckily, RWA ® has done that part of the work for me. So I cross off the names who don’t want what I write.

Step 2 – check out the agents websites. Do they have a twitter account, a blog? Can I glean any insight on the person I want to meet with?

Step 3 – review the editor options. Where do my books best fit?

Step 4 – narrow down the list to a few choices 

Step 5 – talk to a couple of writer buddies to decide what makes sense 

Step 6 – make a decision

Step 7 – put it away and stop thinking about it today

Step 8 – look at it one more time tomorrow as a gut check

Step 9 – put it away and give it a rest already!

Step 10 – sign up Monday morning (and stop obsessing already. Really, stop!)

There – sounds like a plan right? You should know by now that I always have a plan going. Writing things down make them attainable for me. So wish me luck!

Decisions, decisions …






4 thoughts on “GH day 40 – aka ‘Decisions, Decisions Day’

  1. I’m in the same position, and I’m sitting here putting it off until tomorrow. But don’t overstress about it, because in the long run those appointments are but a small part of the RWA conference experience!

    1. Thanks Kay! I know it will all work out, just need to have an idea of who I want to see and then it will all come together. See you in Atlanta!

  2. I’ve known the agent I want to pitch to, but am back and forth on the editor. They’re harder to get a handle on than the agents who have websites, blogs and tweet. There’s one editor that judged me twice when I finaled in contests and had some good things to say even though she didn’t pick me to win. I’m leaning toward her. I figure I can remind her that she likes my writing. Of course, by Monday I’ll probably change my mind. This is as stressful as the dress shopping!

    Atlanta, here me come. 🙂

    1. Sandra it sounds like you have a plan I agree the editors are harder to figure out. I’ll just chalk the whole thing up to experience if it doesn’t go well. Although as long as I don’t totally screw it up they normally will ask for pages. Now that I think about it; the harder part is the waiting after I submit it! LOL

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