GH day 35 – aka ‘A Blog about Writing a Blog Day’

Yes, you read my subject line correctly and it is redundant. Today I am working on a blog that will be posted next week on the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. The Rubies blog was started by the 2009 Golden Heart ® Finalists and has become a huge hit. I was honored that they asked this year’s finalists if they wanted to blog. So I am up on Monday, May 6th and I am nervous about it.

What? Nervous you say, but why? You have been writing daily blogs since you got ‘the call’?

All true, but blogging on my site and blogging on the Rubies site is very different for my psyche. Let me explain.

Before the March 26th Golden Heart Finalist announcements, my website and blog was okay. I blogged once a week and the overall theme was drab, but functional. I would equate it to a hang-glider where I was hanging on for dear life and trying to learn the ropes. I had a small but loyal following – thanks for hanging with me loyal followers!

Now move forward to today. My website has improved (at least I think it has). I am blogging every day and my followers have increased – hello new followers! Now my website is like a small Cessna with external propellers. At least there is an engine and I can go faster than I did in the hang-glider.

To me, the Rubies blog is a 747 – an amazing group of women who help promote and teach authors regardless if they are romance writers or not. That’s why I’m gulping. Little ol’ me is going to try to impart wisdom to them.

Yes, you can roll your eyes at me now and mumble the words ‘self doubt’ and haven’t you covered that already ad nauseam in other blogs?  Why yes I have. Thanks for reminding me!

Pep Talk: Suck it up and write your blog. You are an intelligent, funny, woman with words to impart. Keep remembering that as you stare at the blank screen and blinking cursor. You have something to say!  Hello, you are a writer, enough said.

2013-04-29 13.02.59


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