GH day 34 – aka ‘Clean House Day’

2013-04-28 14.02.00I have been ignoring the obvious for too long – dust bunnies that have grown to the size of my two cats, piles of laundry up to my knees, soap scum, – it is time to clean my house! So on a rainy, cold Sunday when I want to spend my time curled under the covers, I am dusting, sweeping, scrubbing my kitchen and bathroom and doing multiple loads of laundry. And now, while I take a break, I stop for a moment to write this blog.

Writers have to take time to clean house as well. For me, I categorize the cleaning into ‘rooms’. First, I have my idea room (which would be the equivalent of a kitchen) and depending on my creative juices, it can be a cluttered mess or a vast wasteland. I much prefer the cluttered mess since it gives me things to work with!

Next is my edit room (this would be an office) which I won’t bore you with here since I have been dragging you, kicking and screaming, through my editing process on Mind Sweeper.

And then I have different rooms for each of my manuscripts. These I would say are bedrooms, and no, I am not using bedrooms because they are romances, get your heads out of the gutter! A bedroom is unique to each individual or couple and since my manuscripts occupy their own individual worlds, I would say that bedrooms suit  them. And much like individuals, the rooms are sometimes neat as a pin or look like a tornado hit them. Each character has their own designs for their rooms. I just have to wade through their psyches to determine how to clean up.

So on a cold, rainy Sunday I am working on both my actual house and my writer’s house. I think I’ll have to turn in early tonight, all this cleaning is wearing me out!


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