GH day 33 – ‘A Little Goes a Long Way Day’

A writer friend of mine commented to me on my blogs this past week concerning the senses. If you haven’t read them (and why not I might ask) I talked about using the 5 senses in scenes to create layers of experience for your readers. What she mentioned to me, and it is a great point to reiterate here, is that you don’t want to write a scene with sensory-overload. The sample scene I used in my excerpts last week was loaded with examples. I would NOT use every sense in a scene. If you do, then they lose impact. Use the sense to convey something important and it will pack the right punch.

This is important in all aspects of writing. A little goes a long way. Don’t overdo with a writing device or it becomes a gimmick. Similes are great, but if you use them in every paragraph they like turn into a hindrance. Description is vital in a book, but if there is more description than plot or dialogue then the book is a bogged down mess.

A book must capture the reader’s attention, but don’t beat the reader over the head with the obvious. You want them to come to their own conclusions about things, not render them unconscious (even those who are critics of your work).

2013-04-27 19.34.55So I will remember to put away the bat and use the pen instead to get my point across. Or I will at least try to do so. My heroine Kyle in my Mind Sweeper series likes to use a bat and a very sarcastic mouth to get her point across, so reigning her in takes a lot of energy!

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