GH day 32 – ‘Step Back and Reevaluate Day’

I got my business cards today and (sigh) I don’t like them. If you read my earlier blog on ordering my business cards (GH day 14) you will remember how I picked out everything with painstaking detail.

And yet, I am not happy with them!!! They looked so much better on my computer screen when I designed them. Now, they are a pale imitation of what I thought would represent me. Remember, my business card is part of my marketing strategy and I don’t think of myself as faded and blah.

So I will step back and reevaluate.

This reevaluation is part of a writer’s life. We write a scene or a chapter or an entire manuscript and then step back and look it over again. Does it work? Is this what I was trying to convey? Do my scenes and chapters make sense? Flow correctly?

The disappointment I felt when I pulled out the business card for the first time is an emotion that a writer feels as part of the creative process.  If I look at a scene that I originally thought was AMAZING only to discover it needs work, I have a twinge of disappointment, but then I buckle down and work on making that scene better. If I can’t make this better, or it doesn’t work because I have gone in a new direction, then I have to be willing to highlight and delete.

So I will be ordering new cards prior to my sojourn to RWA’s ® National Convention in Atlanta. And I will continue to review my scenes with a practiced eye.

As for my current business cards, well I just saw the fixings for s’mores in the store today….

2013-04-26 13.54.46

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