GH day 25 – aka ‘Dream an Idea Day’

The last few nights I have been having some crazy dreams. I’ve noticed that when I am writing especially late at night, I have a tendency to dream a lot. I think my subconscious keeps chugging away as I sleep which explains the psychedelic dreams I have.

Scientists say that we dream in black and white. I don’t buy it. (Sorry to any of my followers who may be neuroscientists, please don’t be insulted) My dreams are always in full Technicolor. And they combine people and places that make no sense to me.

College is a huge dream-theme for me, which is interesting since I have been out of school for … well… a while. Going away to college was amazing time of discovery and coming into my own so my subconscious latches onto it every opportunity it has.

So why am I telling you all this? Because for writers we are often inundated with day-to-day problems that suppress our creative impulses. So I say find some time, even if it is just 15 minutes, push your worries away and let your subconscious come out to play.

For me, the best time is right before I go to sleep. My brain seems to relax and let the ideas flow. I keep a small notebook in my bedside stand in case a great idea emerges for a scene or a character and I write it down.

And it works. I have found that if I am having trouble resolving a scene in my writing if I think about it before I go to sleep I will figure out the answer. I have even dreamt about my stories, which is pretty funky/scary since I write paranormal.

So task #27 relax, dream and let the ideas flow will be a task with no definitive end date

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