GH day 23 – aka ‘Run from the Goose Day’

Did I get your attention on the title? Not even a little?? So here’s the deal. The office building I work in was built in a wooded area which means that we displaced the wildlife there. No this is not a speech on wildlife preservation, just stick with me a little longer.

If you know anything about geese, you know that when it is time to build their nest and lay eggs they travel back to the same spot each year-you guessed it- right where our office building is. So each spring we are invaded by geese who leave aromatic presents for us all over the parking lot and sidewalks.

This year we have a pair of geese who built their nest next to one of the building’s entrances. Today, while the female goose was sitting on the nest, the male goose (gander) stood guard at the door, hissing and chasing anyone who was brave enough to venture outside.

These two little creatures have captured the attention of 200+ people. And when I got to thinking about them today, I realized that they are a perfect example of a romance.

First, they mate for life. We want out romances to be happily ever after, don’t we?

Second, they come back and face insurmountable odds each year-evil humans who have usurped their mating habitat.

Third, the male is a perfect example of your alpha hero, standing guard over his mate and his unborn babies and facing down large human men (who ran like scared rabbits when the goose hissed at them).

Fourth we have a kick-ass heroine. Geese take turns sitting on the nest so she protects her family as well!

And when the gosling are finally born and they stumble across the lawn for the first time, all of our grumbling about ‘those damn geese’ change to ‘look how cute they are’.

And that’s the kind of ending we all root for!

So today, instead of talking about my editing process, I thought I would share my observations about how a pissed off goose got me thinking romance. It might be a stretch for some of you, but I’m a writer, I take inspiration where I can get it.

Capture2Here’s a picture of one of our geese. I took it while risking life and limb!

2 thoughts on “GH day 23 – aka ‘Run from the Goose Day’

  1. Aww, I loved this blog, AE, and kudos to your blogging stamina! I’m always a big fan of inconspicuous parallels as they relate to romance writing. And it goes without saying I adore geese who live quackily-ever-after 😉 I punned. Sorry.

    1. Thanks Darcy! I find the strangest parallels in my day to day life and my writing. But then writers brains are always looking for material, right? Looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta.

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