GH day 21 – ‘aka Finish the Read-Through Day’

I have completed my read-through of my manuscript and I still really like it! Sorry, was that conceited of me? Remember, I fight with self-doubt all the time in my writing, so for today I have kicked self-doubt’s butt and he is licking his wounds in the corner.

Here’s what I found:

  • Overall the typos were minimal and since this puppy has been edited more than once I really shouldn’t see much of that at this point anyway.
  • I really like using the word ‘looked’ and ‘turned’. I will be doing a find and replace on those words throughout my manuscript.
  • Need to work on facial descriptions that describe moods. In other words stop writing that everyone has a ‘concerned look on their face.’
  • Most of my chapters end on a hook. A hook makes the reader want to come back for more which is a good thing. The beginnings of my chapters? Not so hooky. I’ll work on that too.

After my crazy day yesterday (see Day 20 blog) this has been relatively painless. And since this is about my manuscript which is really what all this hoopla boils down to, I am happy that my initial read-through was free of drama for me anyway. But not free of drama for my characters. They faced all kinds of angst-ridden, jaw-dropping, nail-biting moments. How fun is that?



4 thoughts on “GH day 21 – ‘aka Finish the Read-Through Day’

  1. First of all – congratulations on your RWA Golden Heart nomination! Second – you are one hard-working lady to be blogging every day since the finalists were announced and keeping up with writing and life! Ah, the editing phase. In my first drafts, my characters are always “frowning” and it’s shocking how many times I can use the words “back” and “but.” Thank goodness for editing. It’s where I can turn my drivel into something that every now and then makes me say, “That’s not bad. Did I actually write that?” 🙂

  2. Great site! Like Jacqui, I commend you on keeping up with his on a daily basis. I found my dress today and I’m so glad that’s over with. Looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta. (I also find that I’m very fond of “look” when I go back and revise.)

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