GH day 20 – aka ‘Buy Accessories for that Fancy-Shmancy Dress Day’

For those of you who read my blog – Day 16, aka ‘Buy that Fancy-Schmancy Dress Day’, I’m sure you have been waited with bated breath to find out what I would buy all the things to go with it.  

If you remember, my co-workers all decided that I needed help picking out the dress I would wear to the Golden Heart® Award’s ceremony and I acquiesced. After all, I am not the best judge when it comes to dresses. Most of the time I feel like a phony when I wear one, like I am playing dress-up in my mother’s closet. But when the next words that came out of their mouths after the dress had been chosen was about shoes and a purse and jewelry, I put a halt to the discussion, claiming exhaustion. Actually, there was no claiming, I was exhausted!

This weekend, I ventured to the store where I ordered my dresses to return the ‘reject’ dress as well as the wrong size of the dress that eventually became the ‘winner’. The store is located in a very high-end outdoor shopping mall where the stores and restaurants line quaint streets. And this would have been great if it hadn’t been in the forties and raining.  

I pulled up and parked (way far away from the store since there is little to no parking on these quaint little streets) and headed toward the store. But before I made it there, inspiration hit. I had my dress with me (albeit in the wrong size but that did not quash my brilliance) and I would take it to the shoe store to pick out my shoes! Of course the shoe store was even further away in the rain, but that mattered little to a woman on a mission.

I walked into the mammoth shoe store, my eyes darting back and forth trying to decide which direction to go first. Remember, if I feel like a phony in a dress, think about my mental stability regarding high heels. I found the ‘dress sandals’ and started trying on pairs, narrowing it down to two – a silver bling, bling pair and a sexy black pair. And this is when the trouble started. You see, as much as I hated having everyone at work telling me what to do about the dress, I still needed someone’s opinion. And I had come ALONE. Dear God, what had I been thinking. I broke the number one girly-girl commandment.

Thankfully, a fellow shopper piped up as I stood in front of the mirror holding the dress in front of me and looking at my feet with opposing shoes and voted for the silver pair. Whew, crisis averted. I thanked her as she walked away and stood for a few more minutes staring in the mirror when another shopper came up to me. “I would go for the black shoes, they are amazing.” I smiled although I felt far from exuberant. What to do, what to do! I stood for another second and then went with my gut, after all that is what writers do all the time, pulled off the silver bling and put on the second black shoe. Bingo! Decision made.

file000161568180 I was right to go with the black pair, huh?

I paid for my purchases and then headed to the jewelry and purse store which was (you guessed it) even further away from my car. Now I am standing in a store with sales clerks, none of whom have graduated yet from high-school, trying to decide what jewelry I need for the dress. Believe it or not, I have no angst when it comes to jewelry. I actually love it and until I purchased my home several years ago and had to pay mortgage payments, buying jewelry was a vice of mine. So I yanked out the dress, stood in front of a mirror and tried on rings and bracelets and held little purses up to the mirror. Decisions made, I paid for my clutch, bracelet, ring and earrings and headed for the door.

It is raining in earnest now and I pull out a stocking cap from my pocket because at this point I am cold and cranky and my brilliant idea is not so brilliant anymore. I yank said stocking cap onto my head and head back to the dress store that I was going to in the first place catching furtive glances from shoppers as they walk down the quaint streets. My stocking cap is not one of those cute, hip ones that everyone is wearing now. Nope. It is black and looks like something a survivalist would wear in the woods while they are hunting for their food. But I care not for my mission is almost complete!

I go to the store and drop off the dresses, trying to make small talk with the sales clerk who was not very talkative. Maybe it had something to do with my stocking cap? Or the fact that I returned 200+ dollars worth of dresses? Either way, I made a hasty retreat.

So today, I claim three tasks 21, 22 & 23 COMPLETE – purse, jewelry and kick-ass sexy black shoes are all ensconced in my closet!

Please note: a secondary task will be added later in this project plan. It will be entitled, ‘learning how to walk in three-inch heels without face-planting’.  Stay tuned.


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