GH day 19 – aka ‘On to the Next Pages Day’

file3091303951813Yesterday, I regaled you with my insecurities concerning re-reading the first pages of my manuscript that I had entered in the Golden Heart®. Surprisingly, I was pretty happy during the read – so much so – that I dove into the next pages with the same gusto. So I thought I would share my editing plans for the manuscript if you would like to share in the fun.

First I am reading through the whole manuscript and making notes on changes needed whether typos or sentence structure or even jazzing up a scene.  Second I’ll look at the ‘pivotal’ scenes and make sure they deliver the appropriate punch. Then I’ll go back and review the beginning and end of each chapter and work on those hooks. Very important. You want the reader to keep reading and not put that book down.

So I am about 150 pages into my re-read and no panic attacks have ensued. Yay me! And better yet, I still like my characters and want to keep writing about them. I already have the second manuscript in this series written and my heroine is hollering for the third book in my head, especially now that SHE has become a finalist. After all this all about her and not about me, the writer, the one who created her and her band of merry demons.

So tomorrow, I will continue reading and editing and hopefully loving my story.

Task #20 – Continue Editing and Like What you Read √ COMPLETED

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