GH day 17 – aka ‘Time to Face the Beast Day’

For those of you who have been following my project plan so far through the fun and not so fun tasks preparing me for published authorhood, I thank you. Today, you are coming along with me on a scary ride. It is time to face the beast and beginning editing Mind Sweeper, my Golden Heart® finalist manuscript.

What is the beast? file6321291039759

It takes on many forms and I will expound on a few examples for you:

1) Self Doubt – yep, you got it. Writers are full of self-doubt. We have this ridiculous compulsion to write and write often, but we worry that our work is not good enough. But, you say, this manuscript is a finalist! The twisted truth is that it makes my self-doubt creep into Defcon 1 status. The stakes are higher for me and as I begin to read the words I wonder if they need to be tweaked even more. Second-guessing becomes a large player in this game.

2) Familiarity – now you wouldn’t think that familiarity would be a beast, but you would be wrong. I write funny. Or at least I think I do, or I hope I do, or… okay self-doubt we’re done talking to you now take a hike! Okay, back to my point. My work is humorous. Now think about the first time your heard a funny joke and laughed. Now think about the second time you heard it, not so funny…and the third time? You get my drift. I have read my book a number of times. So many, that the ‘funny’ loses it ‘fun’. So I have to not freak out and delete out those lines. Instead I have to remember that I laughed when I wrote it.

3) Mind Tricks – this is especially hard when looking for typos. When you read your manuscript your brain adds the missing words into the sentence or spells the word correctly even though it is clearly not right. Quite vs Quiet. My vs me. The list continues. And what is it with the word ‘to’ that makes me leave it out of sentences altogether?  I realize it is only two letters, but come on!

So these are some (definitely not all) of the beasts I face when editing. I will keep you apprised as I spend some time working on my manuscript. Since I write paranormal, hopefully I can keep the beast as part of my writing and not part of my psyche.


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